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How to grow your brand

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Accelerate Branding is a health brand specialist providing integrated marketing communications solutions for medical device, diagnostics and healthcare organizations. Over the past 25 years we’ve successfully launched hundreds of health brands for billion dollar companies, new ventures and everything in between. Combine that with our single-minded focus on your success, and you’ve got a powerful combination to move you farther, faster.
Who We Are
When it comes to finding a marketing and branding agency, you have an endless array of choices. So why choose Accelerate Branding? We have deep experience and lots of knowledge about medical device, diagnostics and consumer health care. We’re well known for a fresh, inviting style of work that blends consumer-style creative with the technical info needed to educate an audience and facilitate a sale. At Accelerate, client service is not just a department. It’s how we do business. Understanding and anticipating your needs combined with attention to detail creates a high level of confidence and trust between agency and client. What We Do
Accelerate won’t rehash a one-size-fits-all plan for you. Instead, we craft a custom solution for your company, culture and customers.
Drawing on an extensive network of professionals with outstanding health branding credentials, we assemble the perfect team to work side-by-side with you to accelerate your launch success. The Accelerate Branding process: Discover everything there is to know about your audience and industry Define brand differentiators Create a brand experience that tells your story in a fresh, authentic way – attracting, engaging and growing your customer base Identify the most cost-effective marketing channels to reach your target audience Establish objectives with measurable targets How We Do It
Brand acceleration means more than doing it fast. It also means doing it right. The right way to do it involves leveraging the art of creativity and the science of today’s technology to deepen immersive experiences with your brand. Instead of depending on traditional, interruptive advertising, we reach your audience on their terms. We identify all customer connection points where we can create that experience – every time and everywhere you and your customer interact. And then the real magic happens – as your customers adopt your brand as their own. What exactly is a brand? It’s not a logo or a brochure or a list of features and benefits on a web site. A brand is your story. Told in a way that engages your audience. A story that appears in all of the places your customers go to learn about brands like yours. Your brand is the sum total of the messages you put out. The way customers are treated. The way you resolve customer service issues. Even the kind of chairs you choose to put in your office. Put it all together correctly and you have more than a brand. You have a brand experience. A brand world.
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